In conversation with Riyaz Wani for Tehelka Magazine


"One man’s Kashmir might be another man’s South Africa or Syria, China or Colombia or anywhere else in the world. I wanted to move away from the narrow lens of nationhood to aspire towards something more befitting of the realities of our interconnected world. The conflict and politics of Kashmir are reinterpreted and made more personal and intimate – and ultimately, I hope, more human and universal. I wanted to create a story that transcends national barriers and encourages people to see beyond. What has really touched me has been the overwhelmingly positive reaction that my book has received from people of all sorts of different cultural backgrounds, Kashmiri as well as non-Kashmiri. This is a story about our world and the fact that a British Kashmiri can reach out with her story and can still connect with people of different walks of life from continents all across the globe I think is testament to the way the world is and should be heading today [to continue click link to full article here]"